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Hello and welcome to Our What Not Shop I am so excited to have you visit our shop.

I'm Sabrina and I own Our What Not Shop with my partner Michael and our two children and five animals. There isn't a dull moment in our house! Let me tell you a little bit about the history of Our What Not Shop. Several years ago over a cup of coffee, my husband and I came up with the idea of opening a shop with hand-crafted items We had spent a lot of time making handmade items for family and friends and decided it was time to take those items public. He is a woodworker and I am a crafter of all the things and a writer so of course, I loved the idea. 
When it was time to come up with a name Michael told me about his late grandparent's shop he spent time at when he was a child.

Their shop was aptly named "The What Not Shop" and much like Michael and I, his grandparents had a love for handcrafted items and unique finds. And thus Our What Not Shop was born. 

Here at Our What Not Shop, we sell hand-crafted jewelry, pens, wood crafts, paper goods, and more. We are a little all over the place and love chaos so our shop is a bit of that too! 

I have three crafters including myself that contribute to the items you see. My husband does a lot of the wood crafts including pens. cutting boards, and boxes.

I make all of the jewelry and other wood crafts like ornaments, signs, and more. And my mother-in-law makes all of the paper goods we sell. Soon we will even be adding items made by our oldest daughter.

Our What Not Shop is a family affair. 
Again I am so grateful to have you here and please enjoy our items hand-crated from our home to your heart.

The Nelsons